Charles' Personal Certifications

SCW Fitness Certifications


  • 2018 Dallas Mania (4 days)
  •  1  Day to Wellness   8/23/2018 w/ Bruce and Mindy Mylrea 
  •  SCW Fitness Education 2014 Water in Motion Certification, 2014 Dallas Mania, Completed WIM Cert October, 2014
  • SCW Fitness Education  2016 Active Aging Certification, 2016 Atlanta Mania, Active Aging Movement Coach
  • 2015 Barre Above, Leslee Bender
  • 2015 SCW Ballet Barre, Abbie Appel,
  • Balance, Stability, Mobility Certificate for 50+ Adult,  SCW Fitness Education : 2007 to present
  • Yoga Fundamentals I amd II,  SCW Fitness Education : 2007 to present


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  •  ACE: (American Council on Exercise): Group Fitness Instructor: 2004 to present
  • ACE: (American Council on Exercise) Personal Trainer: 2006 to present
  •  Zumba Certified Instructor:  Level I & Level II , Zumba Gold   2008 to present 
  •  MASHUP®  VIIT Variable Intensity Interval Training 2018
  • Tabata Bootcamp Mindy Mylrea   2015
  • Pilates Matwork Specialty Certification, SCW Fitness Education: 2010 to present
  •  Pilates Institute of America: Level I Mat,  2007 




  •  SCW Fitness Education Presenter, 2016 Dallas Mania 8/28/2016,
  • 2016 Atlanta Mania 7/31/2016 "Implementing Health and Fitness Programs for the Active Aging"

More Certifications.............

  • Aquatic Exercise Specialty Certification, SCW Fitness Education:2010 to present
  • Personal Training Specialty Certification, SCW Fitness Education: 2009 to Present
  • Sports Nutrition & Body Composition Specialty Certification, SCW Fitness Education: 2012 to present
  • Weight Management Specialty Certification, SCW Fitness Education:2013 to present
  • Lifestyle and Behavioral Coaching Seminar, SCW Fitness Education: 2012 to present



  • Charles has attended the ICAA (International Council on Active Aging) Conference in New Orleans in 2015 and Orlando in 2016 receiving CEC's on Exercise and the Active Ager 



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