The #9 Fitness Industry trend for 2018: Programs for Older Adults (ACSM)

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Charles Plafcan LPC: Studio Owner in Dallas for 31 years, Teaching group exercise since 1982

 Agercise® came to be after Charles  realized there was  a huge gap in programming in the industry  for the "Young Old, Old and Oldest Old"  Charles found active aging fitness geared for the "really in shape" 50 or 60 years olds and music that's not appropriate for 70-100 year olds. 

Agercise® provides motivating music from their generation. Fun programming, no complicated choreography, challenging and FUN movements. Charles currently is fitness coordinator at a large retirement community in Dallas teaching Agercise®   His oldest client is 102 with most in their 80/90's


 How much exercise do older adults need? 

How much physical activity do older adults need for important health benefits?  The  American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has  guidelines that include:


Aerobic activity 

Muscle strengthening  

Functional Movement 



Agercise® has it all covered. The following are Charles' professional certifications to back it up.

  “Promote the experience and you can virtually guarantee yourself participation and higher retention rates”

-Thomas Plummer


Charles Plafcan, BA Psychology 1992 University of Arkansas at Little Rock,

 MA Human Relations and Business, 1994,

 MA Professional Counseling, 2010
Licensed Professional Counselor (License # 67462 Expiration 2020),  

American Council on Exercise (ACE) Current certifications in Group Exercise /Personal Training, 

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This comprehensive Fitness Program covers all aspects of Active Aging

Cardiovascular classes, seated or standing chair class, Balance and Barre, Aqua,  Yoga for chair or standing, strength training /flexibility classes,  Mind and Body  awareness class,  and the latest develeoped HIIT (high intensity interval training class)  for the Active Aging

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Go with Agercise® and 36 years experience in the Fitness Industry

Make them want to move to your community for the Exercise Program


Agercise® services


 Agercise®  SERVICES


  •  Physical fitness instruction 
  •  Instructor training for fitness classes and programs 
  •  Education services, namely, streaming of video via the internet of physical fitness classes and fitness instruction 
  • Conducting fitness classes
  • Fitness and exercise consulting services 
  • Physical fitness counseling services

Fitness Education/Instructor Training



  Agercise®  SERVICES 

  • Physical fitness consultation 
  • Physical fitness studio services and group exercise classes
  • Cardiovascular, strength, flexibility and balance training 
  • Personal fitness training
  • Aerobic and anaerobic activities
  • Resistance  and flexibility training
  • Physical fitness conditioning classes

For the Fitness Instructors


  • The #6 fitness Industry trend for 2018: CERTIFICATIONS  American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
  • The need for Educated and Experienced Fitness Professionals
  •  Fitness Instructor evaluation by Fitness/Wellness Director
  •  Hands on approach with Fitness Instructor training, have them practice doing what they are teaching

Agercise® is looking to take your program in a new direction




  •  enthusiastic motivators with a positive attitude,
  •  persistent energy,
  •  ability to organize and lead exercise classes, 
  • use music and choreograph routines
  • Must be an effective counselor, 
  • good listener, 
  • establishing rapport through confidence and genuine concern for the participants

Make them want to move to your retirement community for the Exercise Program



Fitness Program Director

Program Director: Has the most influence on success of your program,

 Provides the interface between the program and participants

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Want to learn about working with the Active Aging?

  •  "young old"   65-75 years
  • "old"  75-85 years
  • "oldest old" 85 and up

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Physical fitness instruction

Instructor training for fitness classes and programs

Conducting fitness classes; 

Consulting services in the fields of fitness and exercise